A Chat with Claudia Sierra: Bringing Visions to Life

A Chat with Claudia Sierra: Bringing Visions to Life

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Claudia Sierra to our Native Citizen design studios. As a talented designer known for her ability to style and decorate homes and businesses, Claudia has made a significant impact on the Houston design scene. Any time Claudia is in the studio is a great day! 

Claudia's joy and creativity are apparent when she's working. I had the joy of watching her delicately sift through texture and fabric swatches excitedly while we spoke.

Claudia's design business is built on a foundation of collaboration and creativity. She works closely with her clients, either guiding them through the selection of items or taking on the full responsibility of bringing their vision to life. Her favorite part of the process is the moment when everything comes together, and she can surprise her clients with a space that exceeds their expectations.

Often, Claudia's clients come to her without a clear idea of their personal style. Through her expertise and intuition, she helps them discover their unique aesthetic, transforming their spaces into reflections of their personalities.

During her visit, Claudia shared a design tip that resonated with us: "Be inspired by a favorite travel location." For example, drawing inspiration from Italy can infuse a space with the country's rich history, art, and culture, adding depth and character to the design.

We're so grateful to Claudia Sierra for stopping by our design studios and sharing her wisdom. Her work continues to inspire us, and we're proud to know her as a fellow member of the Houston design community.

You can follow Claudia at @clau_lyf

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