Wickham Full Sofa Bed



A simple, stylish silhouette redefines the classic sofa bed. With knife-edge pillows and high-performance upholstery, a discreetly concealed sleeper mechanism allows for one-step pullout with ultimate ease. Unfolded, sofa cushions form a comfortable full-size bed, ready to welcome overnight guests or make movie nights a little comfier. Best yet, no extra mattress necessary. Performance fabrics are specially created to withstand spills, stains, high traffic and wear, ensuring long-term comfort and unmatched durability.
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Dimensions: 33.0"h x 86.5"w x 38.0"d

Weight: 211.64

Materials: ▪ 88%Olf,11%Pl-Uv,1%Pl ▪ Solid Banak