Elevate Your Space with Performance Fabrics: Native Citizen's Guide

Elevate Your Space with Performance Fabrics: Native Citizen's Guide

Welcome to Native Citizen, where we blend curated style with functionality. As interior design experts and trusted sellers of Four Hands furniture, we understand the importance of materials that stand the test of time. Today, we're diving into the world of performance fabrics – a key element in our design philosophy.

Why Performance Fabrics Matter:

  1. Durability: Designed to endure, performance fabrics resist wear and tear, making them ideal for busy households and high-traffic areas.

  2. Easy Maintenance: Spills and stains are a breeze to clean, ensuring your furniture stays beautiful for years.

  3. Style and Comfort: With a variety of textures and colors, these fabrics don't just perform well – they look and feel fantastic.

  4. Eco-Friendly Options: Many performance fabrics are made with sustainable practices, aligning with our commitment to positive social impact.

We believe that you and your family should have the freedom to ENJOY the pieces in your home!  

Four Hands and Native Citizen: A Perfect Match

At Native Citizen, we're proud to incorporate Four Hands furniture into our designs. Their commitment to quality and style mirrors our own, making their performance fabric pieces a perfect fit for our clients' spaces.

How to Clean Performance Fabrics:

The short answer:Blot Spills Immediately: Use a clean, dry cloth to blot any spills gently. 

If we want to get technical, here is the ultimate guide. 

When it comes to maintaining your upholstered furniture, knowing the right cleaning technique is crucial. Each piece comes with a specific cleaning code that indicates the best method to use without damaging the fabric. Here's a simple breakdown:

S (Solvent): This code means you should avoid water and opt for a water-free dry-cleaning solvent instead. Before you start, test the solvent on a small, hidden section of the upholstery. If a spill occurs, blot it immediately without rubbing. For any spot cleaning, work from the edges of the stain to the center and make sure to clean the whole panel from seam to seam for an even look.

W (Water-Based): If your furniture is marked with a 'W,' stick to water-based cleaning agents like shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Always conduct a pretest on a discreet area. In the event of a spill, promptly blot away the spillage. Spot clean stains by moving from the outside towards the middle and clean across the entire panel for uniform results.

WS (Water/Solvent Based): This versatile code allows the use of either water-based or solvent-based cleaning products. Whether you're using upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent, or a dry-cleaning solvent, always pretest. For spills and stains, blot immediately and clean from the outer edges of the stain to the center, ensuring to treat the whole panel uniformly.

DC (Dry Clean Only): For upholstery marked with 'DC,' regular maintenance should involve vacuuming or light brushing. When the fabric requires a deeper clean, professional dry cleaning is recommended to preserve its condition.

X (No Product): Items with an 'X' code should only be cleaned by vacuuming or gentle brushing. Avoid any water- or solvent-based cleaners and opt for professional dry cleaning when necessary.

Understanding these codes helps ensure your furniture remains in top condition, preserving its beauty and lifespan. Always follow these guidelines to keep your upholstered pieces looking their best.



At Native Citizen, we are creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also practical and sustainable. You deserve to have a space that meets the functional needs of the people using it. Now, you don't have to do it alone! 

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