The Joy of Cross-Country Design Projects

The Joy of Cross-Country Design Projects

At Native Citizen, we're loving the new trend emerging: clients relocating to new cities and seeking our expertise to design their spaces remotely. 

It's a thrilling journey, designing homes from afar – whether it's a loft or a spacious house, or high rise apartment. Our role? To ensure our clients step into a home that's not just new, but entirely tailored to their taste and lifestyle.

The Excitement of Starting from Scratch:

There's something inherently exhilarating about starting with a blank slate. Each project is a unique narrative, a story told through furniture, textures, and colors. We collaborate closely with our clients, gathering layouts and specific needs, and translating these into tangible, beautiful living spaces.

The Process:

  1. Understanding the Space: Whether it's a compact city apartment or a sprawling house, we begin by understanding the layout and potential of each space.

  2. Client Collaboration: Despite the distance, technology bridges the gap. We engage in detailed consultations, ensuring every choice reflects the client’s personal style.

  3. Tailored Design Solutions: From selecting performance fabrics to choosing statement pieces from Four Hands, each element is carefully chosen to align with the client's vision.

  4. The Big Reveal: The most rewarding moment is when clients step into their new home, greeted by a space that's not only new but feels unmistakably theirs.

Why We Love These Projects:

These cross-country design projects are a testament to trust and creativity. They challenge us to think outside the box and to be meticulous and imaginative. The joy of seeing our clients' feedback when they see their new, personalized space for the first time is indescribable. We feel really honored to bring ease and excitement to a process that is usually very overwhelming and stressful. 

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